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Student Management Department

Student Management Department


Gessians of Excellence, Standing and Significance


To adopt a whole-school approach towards discipline to nurture Gessians of Excellence, Standing and Significance

Discipline is more than just managing misbehaviour, or getting our students to behave in a certain way. The process of discipline is just as important as the outcome. Effective discipline in the school is based on a consistent philosophy, in line with the Discipline Framework for developing good discipline in students.

This encompasses :

• Teaching students how to develop self-discipline.
• Developing students’ thinking and moral faculties.
• A whole-school, multi-faceted approach

In Gan Eng Seng School, we anchor the students on the four core values: Discipline, Integrity, Respect and Resilience. We believe that instilling good values, conduct and discipline in our students is a shared responsibility among the stakeholders. Consistent and collaborative efforts from various stakeholders will ensure that the students grow up to become responsible individuals with sound values. This will help our students become self-disciplined individuals of good character.

Our Desired Outcome

We firmly believe in upholding the school’s philosophy that every person shall be treated with respect and challenged to succeed in our school.

The Student Management Committee believes that all Gessians have the ability to make an impact in society and desires to help nurture the best in each one of them.

We believe in broadening their horizons, raising their level of awareness to live empowered lives, through an environment of love, care and encouragement.

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