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Principal’s Message: 2017 Term 2 Updates

Principal’s Message: 2017 Term 2 Updates

As we begin Term 2 of the new Academic Year 2017, I am pleased to update you on the key events that have taken place in Term 1 and give you an overview of events that would be taking place in Term 2.

Celebrating the Release of O-Level Results
The O-level results were released on 11 Jan 2017. We are pleased to report that our 2016 O-level students have performed very well, with 96.9% and 64.4% of the Sec 4EX and Sec 5NA cohorts achieving at least 5 O-level passes respectively. This year, 77% of our Sec 4EX are eligible to progress to JC, and 99% to Polytechnic for their post-secondary education. 9 students from the Express Course obtained at least 5 A1s and 5 students from the NA Course obtained at least 3 distinctions. 13 of these students have also obtained distinctions in their CCA. 10 students in our 2016 4EX/5NA graduating cohort received the MOE Edusave CHaracter Award (ECHA) for good character.

We rejoice with our staff and students, and like to thank the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), alumni (GESSOSA), the School Advisory Committee (SAC), and parents who worked with us to nurture the best in our students.

Sec 1 GESS Camp and MBTI Workshop (18 – 20 Jan 2017)
Our Sec 1 cohort was inducted into the GESS culture in their very first 3D1N residential camp. They had opportunities to observe their student leaders in action over the entire duration of the camp, and we believe that some among our Sec 1s will aspire to be a student leader one day to inspire others also. At the MBTI Workshop, our Sec 2 cohort learnt about their personality preferences, and how to use the knowledge to better manage themselves and relate with others. They also learnt study strategies that leverage on their unique MBTI Type profile.

Educational and Career Guidance (ECG) Week (6 – 10 Feb 2017)
At the ECG Week, the school wanted to expose our students to a wide variety of professions and post-secondary options. We invited guest speakers from different industries representing hotel, marketing and advertising, healthcare, food and beverages, game design, aviation, finance and accounting, to interact with our students. These interactions enabled our students to better appreciate the required skills, attitudes, challenges and opportunities facing these industries. Speakers representing institutes of higher learning also presented the different post-secondary pathways. On the last day, 20 students signed up and participated on a learning journey to the Lifelong Learning Institute.

Founder’s Day cum Prize Giving Ceremony 2017
On 10 Mar 2017, the school celebrated its 132nd year of its founding. In the morning, the entire school moved into the community to promote kidney health and to encourage the community to participate in NKF’s ‘#500MLONLY’ campaign. In the afternoon, the Speech and Prize Giving Ceremony was held in the Hall.

Important Dates for Term 2, 2017
Please find in the annex the dates of some of the key events of the school in Term 2. We will also be uploading the CCA schedules for the June School Holidays 2017 by 28 April. We seek your continued support as we work together to bring out the best in each of our students.

Dates Events Remark (if any)
24 Mar 2017 (Fri) Sec 2 & 3 Meet the Parents cum Prize Presentation
Time: 6.20pm – 8.20pm
Venue: Hall
Sec 4 & 5 Form Teachers Meet the Parents Sessions
Time: 4.40pm – 8.20pm
Letters to parents, providing details of the event and booking of slots to meet class form teachers, have been issued to all Sec 2 – 5 classes.
31 Mar 2017 (Fri) Cross Country Race cum International Friendship Day Commemoration:
Time: 7.20am – 12pm
Venue: West Coast Park
Attendance is compulsory for all students. A letter to parents will be issued to provide details of the event.
10 – 12 Apr 2017 Sec 2 GESS Camp Normal curriculum hours for all other levels besides Sec 2s.
17 – 27 Apr 2017 English Language Oral Exam
Sec 3 NT & 4 NT (17 Apr)
Sec 4NA/EX and 5NA (27 Apr)
Mother Tongue Oral Exam
Sec 1 NT & 2 NT (21 Apr)
Sec 3 NT/EX/NA (24 – 27 Apr)
Sec 4 NT/NA/EX and 5NA (17 – 20 Apr)
27 Apr – 12 May 2017 Prelim 1 Science Practical Exam
Sec 4EX/5NA (27 Apr)
Prelim 1 Written Exam
(28 Apr – 12 May)
Sec 4 NT/NA/EX and Sec 5NA
Midyear Exam (28 Apr – 12 May)
Sec 1 to 3
CCA step-down for Sec 4/5 from 17 Apr (Mon).CCA suspension for Sec 1 – 3 from 17 Apr – 12 May.

Public Holidays:
1 May (Labour Day)
10 May (Vesak Day)

15 May 2017 (Mon) Marking Day All students do not need to attend school. Lessons will resume on 16 May (Tue).
16 – 26 May 2017 Afternoon Mother Tongue Intensive Revision
Sec 4EX/5NA classes
Attendance is compulsory for all 4EX/5NA students offering CL/ML/TL.
26 May 2017 (Fri) Sec 1 – 5 Parent Teacher Conference Parents of selected students would be invited to meet their Form Teachers/Subject Teachers.
29 May – 25 Jun 2017 School Vacation Selected students may be attending CCA training / enrichment classes on specified days of the vacation.
Term 3 will begin on 27 Jun (Tue) as 26 Jun (Mon) is a public holiday.
29 – 30 May 2017
(Mon – Tue)
GCE “O” Level Mother Tongue Written Exam
29 May (Mon): Mother Tongue
30 May (Tue): Mother Tongue ‘B’
20 – 21 Jun 2017
(Tue – Wed)
Mother Tongue Language Oral Exam Intensive Practice for ALL Sec 4 Express and 5 Normal Academic students It is compulsory for all Sec 4 Express and 5 NA students to attend.


Yours faithfully
Mdm Jenny Tan

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