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Principal’s Message: May 2017 Updates

TERM 2 Updates
We would like to update you on the key events that have taken place in Term 2 and give you an overview of events in Term 3.

On 10 March, the School collaborated with NKF for the 2nd year and went into the community to share the message of preventing kidney diseases, as part of its school-wide Values-in-Action (ViA) programme during Founder’s Day. Our Guest of Honour, A/Prof Abdul Razakjr Bin Omar, a cardiologist from Raffles Hospital and Board member of NKF, spoke to and encouraged our students at the 132nd Founder’s Day Prize Presentation Ceremony.

We continue to receive the strong support of our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) at the school’s annual Cross Country Race cum International Friendship Day Commemoration at the West Coast Park on 31 March. We thank the PTA for contributing their time and resources to provide refreshments for all the participants.

We are happy to announce that our CCAs continue to shine. All six of our Uniformed Group CCAs have attained Gold Award again. Our Canoeing Sprint Team “C” Division Girls was crowned National Champion, and our “B” Division Girls came in third. Both the “B” and “C” Division Table Tennis Girls achieved 2nd position in the South Zone Inter-schools Championship, and our Basketball “B” Division Boys achieved 2nd position in the South Zone Basketball Championship. Our Performing Arts CCA have also achieved commendable outcomes in the SYF Arts Presentations: both Military Band and Drama CCAs received the Certificate of Distinction, while both Choir and Dance CCAs received the Certificate of Accomplishment.

Aesthetics Week, Post Exam Activities, and Parent-Teacher Conference
As the Term comes to a close, our students are participating in a host of activities from 22 – 25 May to enhance their appreciation of Aesthetics. Students could participate in creating art on a doodle wall at the canteen, attend soap-making or 3D cake-making workshops, as well as to showcase their talents at the recess-time performances.

On 24 May, all our Sec 1 – 3 classes and three Sec 4 classes went out to different venues during our first Values-in-Action (ViA) Day to contribute their services to meet the needs of the community. Some classes engaged the elderlies in games, songs and activities; some brought the wheelchair-bound to tour Gardens by the Bay; and others participated in ViA activities within the school compound due to the wet weather. In the afternoon, the Sec 3s visited the Army Open House to commemorate 50 years of National Service.

On 25 May, all Sec 1 – 3 students will also participate in activities involving their class teachers and peers that will further build class spirit and camaraderie. The school is dismissed at 1.20pm on 25 May.

On 26 May, only selected students identified to attend the Parent-Teacher Conference will need to attend the session with their parents. The form teachers would have informed the parents of these identified students.

Revised Midyear and End of Year Results Slips
In line with the School’s intention to reduce unhealthy competition amongst students, and to enhance collaboration and encourage all students to pursue personal growth, we would not be reflecting the class and level positions starting from this year’s midyear and end-of-year results slips. We believe the move is another step towards helping our students to focus on what matters as lifelong learners. Nevertheless, parents who wish to enquire on the class/level positions of their child may still obtain the information from their child’s form teachers.

Direct School Admission (DSA) Application
The DSA applications to Gan Eng Seng School for the Year 2017 are now open from 8 May – 3 July. This year, we will be considering applicants for the Applied Learning Programme (STEM) and the following CCA: Basketball (Boys), Football (Boys), Table Tennis (Girls), Choir, Dance Ensemble, Drama, and Military Band. Interested parents of the current Primary 6 cohort will find relevant information for the DSA in our school website at /school-information/school-admission/. We hope that our parents will continue to be our best ambassadors for the school, by encouraging prospective candidates to select GESS as their school of choice.

An Update for Term 3 Key Events
We like to bring to your attention the dates of the following key events of the school in Term 3 (see Annex). The CCA Schedule during the June Holidays is available for your reference in our school website at: /announcement/2017-june-cca-training-schedule/.


We look forward to your strong support as we work together to nurture the best in each of our students.



Yours faithfully

Mdm Jenny Tan


Annex: Key Events of the School in Term 3

Dates Event Remark (if any)
27 Jun (Tue) Start of Term 3 26 Jun (Mon) is a Public Holiday (Hari Raya Puasa).


Attire and Hair Checks will be conducted. Each student is to bring a piece of cloth for class cleaning.

29 Jun (Thu) PET Rocket Programme for ALL Sec 3 NA/EX

Time: 2.15 pm – 5.30 pm

Venue: School Field

The programme will be postponed to 6 Jul in the event of poor weather conditions.
30 Jun (Fri) Sports Fiesta


Temperature-taking Exercise

All students are to attend this school event to be held during usual curriculum time from 7.15am to 12.50pm.


All students are to bring their working thermometers.

3 Jul (Mon) Youth Day – School Holiday
13 – 21 Jul 9th ASEAN Schools Games Selected Sec 1 – 3 students would be scheduled to watch selected games.
21 Jul (Fri) Racial Harmony Celebration
29 May –

13 Oct

National Exams:

GCE “O” Level

·        Mother Tongue Written (29 May)

·        Mother Tongue B Written (30 May)

·        Mother Tongue Oral (5 Jul – 17 Jul)

·        Mother Tongue B Oral (4 Jul)

·        Mother Tongue Listening Comprehension (18 Jul)

·        Higher Mother Tongue Oral (24 Jul – 31 Jul)

·        English Language Oral (14 Aug – 28 Aug)

GCE “N” Level

·        English Language Oral (6 Jul – 13 Jul)

·        Mother Tongue Oral (1 Aug – 4 Aug)

·        Written/Practical Exam (11 Sep – 21 Sep, 2 Oct – 13 Oct)

National Examination dates are correct as at 22 May 2017. Please check the SEAB website at for the latest updated examination dates.


On 18 Jul, the school will be dismissed at 12:50pm. No afternoon activities will be planned on that day. This will allow the smooth conduct of the Mother Tongue Listening Comprehension exam.


8 Aug (Tue) National Day School Celebration All students are to attend this school event to be held from 7.15am to 11am.
9 – 10 Aug National Day (Public Holiday) on 9 Aug

School Holiday on 10 Aug

14 – 23 Aug Prelim 2 Exam – 4NA & NT
17 – 29 Aug Prelim 2 Exam – 4EX & 5NA
21 – 28 Aug Mother Tongue Oral Exam

·        Sec 2 (21, 24, 25 Aug)

·        Sec 3NT, 4NT (28 Aug)

There will not be CCA training for Sec 1 – 3 on 18 Aug and 25 Aug to give space and time for students’ personal pursuits.
30 Aug (Wed)

31 Aug (Thu)

Teachers’ Day Celebration

Teachers’ Day – School Holiday

On 30 Aug, all students will be dismissed at 11am.
1 Sep (Fri) Hari Raya Haji – Public Holiday
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