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School Rules and Regulations

School Rules and Regulations


  1. On every Monday, all students must reach school and assemble at the parade ground before 8.20 am for the Silent Reading Programme. Attendance will be taken at 8.20 am sharp. Every Tuesday to Friday, all students must reach school and assemble at the parade ground before 7.15 am for the Silent Reading Programme. Attendance will be taken at 7.15 am sharp. Daily flag raising ceremony will commence after the Silent Reading Programme on 8.35 am on Monday and 7.30 am on Tuesday – Friday. Students who arrive late for school will need to serve afternoon detention.
  2. Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Students will take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.
  3. The flag raising ceremony is to be observed with solemnity and respect.


  1. The school tie must be worn on the day of the weekly assembly.
    Tuesday: Lower Secondary classes
    Thursday: Upper Secondary classes
  2. Students must assemble in the school hall according to their classes quickly and in an orderly manner.
  3. Students are to behave with consideration towards any speakers making presentations.
  4. Students will not be required to wear the school tie if their examinations fall on
    the day of the weekly assembly.


S tand & greet the teacher
T idy up the classroom
A ttire & appearance of students
R ecord attendance in the team diary
T each


  1. Students should be loyal to their country and show respect for the Head of State, the National Anthem, the State Flag and our country’s leaders.
  2. All students must remember and demonstrate the school core values at all times.
  3. Be polite and refined in manners at all times. Students are to greet teaching staff, non-teaching staff and visitors upon meeting them.
  4. Respect and obey school authorities – e.g. Principal, teachers, student leaders, and non-teaching staff at all times.
  5. Students must be attentive and diligent in class – there must be no sleeping or interruption by students when the teacher is teaching. They are expected to show consideration for their fellow classmates and not to disrupt the learning environment.
  6. Students who need to leave the classroom for valid reasons must obtain permission from a teacher.
  7. Students should complete and submit all assignments on time. Students who fail
    frequently to submit their homework will be identified and they have to stay back after school to finish their homework before they can be dismissed.
  8. Students must not indulge in any activity that will harm, inconvenience or disturb the other students in the school and members of the public in any way. As long as students are in uniform, they are to uphold the name of the school.
  9. Smoking, littering, vandalism (such as scribbling on the walls etc.), extortion, theft, tampering with medical certificates, arson and other flagrant acts of dishonesty are strictly forbidden. Offenders may be reported to the Police.
  10. All students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.
  11. Furniture should not be removed from any room without the permission from the OM. Any furniture borrowed should be returned to its original place. Students are expected to keep their classroom and the school premises clean at all times.


  1. Hairstyle for boys
    a. Hair must be neat.
    b. Fringe should not touch the eyebrow when combed down.
    c. Hair must not touch the ears or shirt collar.
    d. Long sideburns are not allowed.
    e. There must be a gradual slope at the back of the head.
    f. Hair must not be dyed or highlighted.
    g. Students must be clean-shaven at all times and no facial hair is allowed.
    h. Gelled spiky hair/mohawk hairstyle is not allowed.
  2. Hairstyle for girls
    a. Hair should be neat and tidy and kept away from the face either by keeping the hair short with the use of black or dark blue accessories.
    b. Hair longer than shoulder-length must be tied up.
    c. Fringes should be neatly pinned up with black hair pins / clips.
    d. Hair must not be dyed or highlighted.
  3. Students must not wear coloured contact lenses to school.
  4. Nails must be short, clean and unpainted.
  5. Tattoos are strictly not allowed.


  1. Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed. The school badge must be put on at all times.
  2. Only white shoes are allowed. If the shoes come with laces, they must also be white.  Only GESS socks should be worn during curriculum time.
  3. Students are required to wear name tags which will be colour coded according to the level they are in. Students who have misplaced their name tags must order a replacement from the book shop immediately. In the meantime, they will be issued a temporary name tag by the school.
  4. Shirt collars must be buttoned when a tie is worn. The tip of the tie should reach the waist.
  5. Black school shorts and the school T-shirt are to be worn during PE lessons. Students must not wear PE attire after recess.
  6. All students must be in school/CCA T-shirt and appropriate footwear (no slippers or sandals allowed) when they are in school for activities, CCA or remedial lessons. This also applies to activities conducted during Saturdays and school holidays.
  7. Spectacles should be worn as a necessity and not as an accessory.
  8. Trousers must not have pleats or belt loops. They should not be tapered, baggy or worn around the hips. Shorts should sit neatly at the waist. They should not be too baggy.
  9. Blouse should be buttoned up and tucked in neatly. Girls are only allowed to wear simple white/ beige bras (including sports bra). Halter-neck bras or other outlandish bras are not allowed to be worn. Girls who do not adhere strictly to this requirement will be sent home to change.
  10. Skirt should not be shorter than 2 cm above the knee.
  11. No student is allowed to wear jewellery or any religious ornaments.
  12. Girls are permitted to wear a pair of simple round ear studs/ transparent ear sticks.
  13. Boys are not allowed to pierce their ear or wear any plastic studs or sticks.


  1. Every student is to be punctual not only in coming to school but also in going from class to class whenever such movement is necessary. Students who are late will be liable for detention. Latecomers will be given a latecomer’s slip obtained from the Guard Room.
  2. Students who are exempted from certain subject are to remain in their classroom and do their own work.
  3. Permission from the Principal, Vice-Principals, Heads of Department or Operations Manager (OM) is required before a student may leave the school premises during school hours. The student will have to inform his/her form teacher and complete a permission slip which can be obtained from the general office.
  4. A student who is unwell and absent from school (including class tests, school
    examinations and other compulsory school activities) must see a doctor and submit a medical certificate to the teacher-in-charge the next working day.
  5. Students who are absent from school without valid reasons or approval from the Principal will be subject to disciplinary actions for truancy.


  1. Students must behave with integrity in a socially responsible manner. E.g. queue up in the canteen when purchasing food, not making noise to disrupt learning of students at other levels.
  2. Students must return the cutlery immediately after use and clear litter including plastic bottles on the table.
  3. Consumption of food and drinks is confined to the school canteen only.
  4. All students must proceed to the classroom with minimal noise when the first bell rings at the end of recess.


  1. All students must render a minimum of 6 hours of community service in every academic year.
  2. All classes will be rostered to upkeep the canteen as a good and happy social space.


  1. Once a student enrolls in the school, the parents are automatically part of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) of the school.
  2. There is an annual subscription fee of $6 for the PTA. There is a one-time subscription fee for PTA, which is $24.


  1. It is compulsory for all graduating students to complete the MOE National Education Quiz at the stipulated date and time. A pass in the MOE National Education Quiz is expected for graduation.

Attire of a Gessian (Boy)

Boy Attire


  • Hairstyle:
    • Gradual Slope.
    • Short Side Burns.
    • Fringe not touching the eyebrow.
  • Attire:
    • School Badge must be worn on the stitch above the pocket.
    • Name tag to be worn below the school badge.
    • Shirt must be tucked in.
    • No modifications should be made to the uniform.
  • Shoes:
    • Only white shoes with white shoe laces.
    • Wear school socks and the print “GESS” must be clearly visible.

Attire of a Gessian (Girl)

Girl Attire


  • Hairstyle:
    • Hair length that touches the collar must be tied up.
    • Fringe to be pinned up neatly.
    • Fringe not touching the eyebrow.
  • Attire:
    • School Badge must be worn on the stitch.
    • Name tag must be worn below the school badge.
    • Blouse must be tucked in.
    • No modifications should be made to the uniform.
  • Shoes
    • Only white shoes with white shoe laces.
    • Wear school socks and the print “GESS” must be clearly visible.
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