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Mother Tongue Languages Department

Mother Tongue Languages Department


Gessians are Effective Communicators of Mother Tongue Languages and Cultures.


To develop Gessians who have lifelong interest in learning Mother Tongue Languages and rooted to ethnic cultures.

The Mother Tongue Languages department aims to nurture active learners who can use their Mother Tongue proficiently and rooted to their cultures.

We create a vibrant learning culture through quality curriculum and sound pedagogies. To enrich the learning experiences and promote multi-cultural literacy, a number of programmes are organised throughout the year. These include Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali Celebrations, Conversational Chinese/Malay Programme, Lantern Making Competition etc. Students are also exposed to a wide range of activities during the Mother Tongue Fortnight.

To develop talents and level up students’ Mother Tongue proficiency, the department also trains and sends students to participate in external competitions. The department also collaborates with Gan Clan through cultural activities and training workshops to enable students to serve as Student Tour Guide at Gan Heritage Centre. This has further strengthened our partnership and encourage our youths to involve with community services in promoting cultural heritage of Singapore. Indeed, it was a meaningful collaboration with great success.

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