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Science Department

Science Department

Vision of the Department

A Strong Foundation and Interest in Science

Mission of the Department

To develop scientific acumen and logical thinking skills

Not in picture: Mr Ang Boon Bin and Mr Md Sultan Karimshah Bin Mohaideen

The Science Department believes in quality teaching and learning to promote interest, natural curiosity in science and develop logical thinking and problem solving skills.

Outreach and talent development programmes are designed to cater to the different segments of students- student masses and students with high potential respectively. Key outreach programmes include Life Science programme, Pet Rocket Programme and Science Camp to enthuse, engage and empower the students to prepare them for the 21stcentury.

To stretch students’ potential and develop their critical and inventive thinking as well as information and communication skills, they are prepared for international and national competitions such as New South Wales Competition, Scientific Thinking Programme, Physics Olympiad Competition and Youth Engineer Award.


Khan Academy:

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Twenty First Century Science:

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