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Principal’s Message: 2016 Term 1 – Welcome

Principal’s Message: 2016 Term 1 – Welcome

Dear Parents/Guardians

A very warm welcome to you and your children/charges to the new Academic Year of 2016.

New Staff

We like to welcome Mr Quek Zhi Whui (Level Head/Math) and Miss Petrina Cheong Siew Imm (Principles of Accounts) who join GESS this year. We would also take this opportunity to congratulate the following who have been appointed to take on greater responsibilities: Mr Teo Jun Yuan (Assistant Year Head), Mr Teo Kok Keong (Subject Head/Student Management), Mr Niu Zi Bin (Senior Teacher/EL), and Mr Jeffrey Sui (Senior Teacher/D&T).

Celebrating the Release of N-Level Results and O-Level Results

The N-level results were released on 17 Dec 2015. We are pleased to report that our 2015 N-level students have turned in a most commendable performance, with 91.3% of the Sec 4NA cohort achieving eligibility for Sec 5NA (over and above the national mean of 74.9%), which is an increase from last year’s result of 88.6%. We are also pleased to announce that 100% of our Sec 4NT students are eligible for entry to ITE. 8 students from Sec 4NA obtained an ELMAB3 aggregate of at least 11 points or less and 6 NT students from the class of 2015 obtained at least 3 As in their exam. 11 of these students have also obtained distinctions in their CCA.

The O-level results were released on 11 Jan 2016. Our 2015 O-Level students have also done very well this year, with 96.9% and 57.1% of the Sec 4EX and Sec 5NA cohorts achieving at least 5 O-level passes respectively. 11 Sec 4EX students scored at least 5 distinctions, and 5 Sec 5NA students scored at least 3 distinctions. 15 of these students also obtained distinctions in their CCA.

This is testament to the good work of our staff and students, the strong support of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), alumni (GESSOSA), the School Advisory Committee (SAC), and parents who worked with us to nurture the best in our students. Our students have done well in academic as well as in non-academic areas. We are pleased to announce that 15 students in our 2015 graduating cohort received the MOE Edusave CHaracter Award (ECHA) for good character.

Key Events and Important Dates for Term 1, 2016

All students will be participating in the 2016 Educational & Career Guidance (ECG) Week from 25 January till 28 January. There will be a series of activities to meet the different needs and aspirations of all students. The school has invited professionals from different industries to share about the required skills, attitudes, and challenges faced in their professions. We believe these presentations will open up new possibilities and opportunities for our students as they continue to discover their passion and strengths.

The following is the programme for the ECG Week:

Dates Times Classes involved Activity
25 Jan (Mon) 2.30 – 4.45pm All Sec 1 and Sec 2 Hospitality and Tourism
Information and Technology
Aerospace and Aviation Industry
26 Jan (Tue) 12.45 –1.30pm All Sec 1 and Sec 2 Singapore Polytechnic
27 Jan (Wed) 2.30 – 4.45pm All Sec 3, Sec 4 and Sec 5 Medical
Engineering in Defence
Banking and Finance
28 Jan (Thu) 12.45 – 1.30pm All Sec 3, Sec 4 and Sec 5 Breakout sessions:
ITE, Polytechnic and JC
2.30 – 3.30pm Open to all students.
Sign-up basis through asknlearn portal
Mass communication
Infrastructure Engineering

Other important dates for Term 1 can be found in the Annex.

As a school that nurtures the best in each, we appreciate your continued support as we work together to develop every student to be a GESSIAN of Excellence, Standing and Significance.


Yours faithfully

Mdm Jenny Tan

Important Dates for Term 1 (Annex)

Dates Events Remarks (if any)
23 Jan 2016 (1pm – 4pm) Sec 1 Welcome Tea for Parents Invitations have been sent out to all Sec 1 parents
25 – 28 Jan 2016 Educational & Career Guidance (ECG) Week
5 Feb 2016 (Friday) Chinese New Year (CNY) Celebrations cum launch of Mother Tongue Fortnight As 5 Feb is not the eve of CNY, all students to attend school as usual and lessons will end at 12.30pm.
10 Feb 2016 (Wednesday) Curriculum Redistribution – Implement Friday’s timetable Students to bring books and materials for Friday.
18 – 24 Feb 2016 Common Test (all levels) All Levels of students.
22 Feb – 4 Mar 2016 GCE O, N(T), N(A) Level Registration More information will be made available nearer the dates.
26 Feb 2016 (Friday) Meet-the-Parents cum Prize Presentation for Sec 2 and 3 All Sec 2 and 3 parents are invited.
2 – 4 Mar 2016 Sec 1 cohort:
Leadership Workshop for Sec 1 (2 March)
Sec 1 E-learning Day (3 – 4 March)
Sec 2 – 5 cohorts:
GESS LIFE Camps (2 -4 March)
Sec 1 students will participate in e-learning from home on 3 – 4 March.
Sec 2 and 3 Camps.
Sec 4 and 5 Camp
8 Mar 2016 (Tuesday) Curriculum Redistribution -Implement Friday’s timetable Students to bring books and materials for Friday.
11 Mar 2016 (Friday) Founder’s Day 2016 All parents are invited to attend the celebratory event.
12 – 20 Mar 2016 Term Break Selected CCAs will conducting camps on certain days of the holiday. Parents would be notified in due course by the CCA teachers.
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