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Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)


Every Gessian will know the good, desire the good and do the good.


To inculcate values, impart knowledge and equip Gessians with skills to know, desire and do the good.


To nurture Gessians to cultivate good character (Knowing the Good, Desiring the Good, Doing the Good).


To equip students with social-emotional competencies.
To cultivate a sense of belonging to the school and nation.
To develop students’ self-esteem and confidence.
To provide support to pupils in the development of moral, social, emotional and psychological domains of education.


GESS Values-based Life Programme was the outcome of the collective wisdom and effort of everyone in GESS. Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) is at the heart of GESS education. Education of the heart is the primary purpose of our CCE curriculum. Character Development and National Education are integrated into our CCE curriculum. The aim is to nurture all Gessians holistically guided by the premise of knowing the good, desiring the good and doing the good.

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