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  • 2015 Head Prefect Campaign Speeches – 9th March 2015 by Sin Jia Xin

    Published date: 2015-03-09

    Good morning Mdm Tan, Mr Lee, Mr Tan, teachers and all Gessians. I am Sin Jia Xin from class 3D. I am one of the candidates running for Head Prefect this year. As a leader, I strongly believe in our school values of discipline, respect, integrity and resilience. A leader should have strong principles, is […]

  • Take 5 – 9 May 2016 by Ms Joyce Teo Jie Yiing

    Published date: 2016-05-10

    Good morning Mdm Tan, Mr Lee, teachers and all Gessians, Today we are entering the last week of your examinations. It is the last lap before a hopefully well-deserved break after a semester of hard work. Some of you may be running out of fuel, feeling exhausted or bored and perhaps even procrastinating on your […]

  • Hi 5: 8th May 2015 by Ms Nadira Binte Mohamed Sedik

    Published date: 2015-05-08

    Good morning Mdm Tan, Mr Lee, Mr Tan, teachers and fellow Gessians. It is my pleasure to deliver this morning’s Hi 5. This week marks the 2nd week of the ongoing Mid-Year Examination. I am sure many of you would have faced challenges in one way or another while preparing or even during the exams. […]

  • Take 5 – 4 April 2016 by Mr Tay Chew Woo

    Published date: 2016-04-04

    I hope last Friday’s Cross Country event was memorable for all of you. It was definitely memorable for me as I recalled my past Annual Cross Country Races in Chinese Garden. Our school chose Chinese Garden several times over the years because the venue was easily accessible by MRT and the running route was scenic and safe. Also, […]

  • IDA Youth Infocomm Ambassador 2015

    Published date: 2015-03-12

    Congratulations to Ashok Balaji (3E) from the Infocomm Club who has been appointed as an IDA Youth Infocomm Ambassador for 2015! Keep the GESS flag flying high. ONWARD!  

  • Take 5: 29th June 2015 by Mr John Yim

    Published date: 2015-06-29

    Good morning Mdm Tan, Mr Lee, Mr Tan, Fellow Colleagues and Gessians, Welcome back to school! I hope all of you had many good experiences over the school holidays. As we all know the SEA games was hosted by Singapore over the June Holidays and Singapore did exceptionally well with a record medal haul of […]

  • High 5 – 8 April 2016 by Mrs Sheryl Ong

    Published date: 2016-04-08

    Good morning school, the theme for this week is Striving for Accuracy, this is one of the 16 Habits of Mind. Striving for Accuracy does not just mean doing things precisely or without errors. While that is important, it is also about doing your best, consistently, no matter what. A story is told about a […]

  • 2015 Head Prefect Campaign Speeches – 31th March 2015 by Rachel Teo

    Published date: 2015-03-31

    Good morning Mdm Tan, Mr Lee, Mr Tan, teachers and fellow Gessians. As many of you know, my name is Rachel and I am from Class 3E, one of the candidates running for this year’s Head Prefect Election. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share a little more about myself. Today I am […]

  • Take 5 – 11 April 2016 by Mrs Lin Hui Shi

    Published date: 2016-04-11

    Good morning Mdm Tan, Mr Lee, colleagues and all Gessians. This week marks an important milestone for our upper secondary students as the Sec 4 students will step down from their leadership roles in their respective CCAs, and pass it on to the Sec 3 students. I would like to start my Take5 by sharing […]

  • Take 5 – 22 February 2016 by Mr Sathis

    Published date: 2016-02-23

    Good morning Mdm Tan, Mr Lee, Mr Tan, fellow colleagues and Gessians: I would like to begin this week’s take 5 with an anecdote that happened in one of my PE classes: The class was split into equal teams and were told the rules to complete a team building challenge. As they were competing against […]

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