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  • Learning Journey to EEC

    Published date: 2017-09-14

    Dear Parents/Guardians of Gessians, Learning Journey (LJ) to Electricity Efficiency Centre(EEC) @PSA Building Electricity is essential for all homes and industries. Its conservation is important to reduce our utility bill and reduce carbon footprint. This family bonding LJ will provide an insight on how to • use electricity optimally (energy saving tips) • read the […]

  • High 5 : 25th August 2017 by Mr Farid

    Published date: 2017-08-25

    Good morning Madam Tan, Mr Lee, Mr Chung, Teachers and Gessians, Last week, our Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong had mentioned three key issues in his National Day Rally speech. One of the key issues that he mentioned is making Singapore into a smart nation. Smart Nation is Singapore’s national effort to co-create a […]

  • Take 5 : 21th August 2017 by Mrs Nalyn Chua

    Published date: 2017-08-21

    Good morning Mdm Tan, Mr Lee, Mr Chung, colleagues and all gessians. Before starting off todays Take Five, I would like to give a very simple sharing about myself. I was a student who get bored very easily. Eyes glazed over and minds drifted off. It is so difficult for me to pay attention during […]

  • High 5: 18th August 2017 by Ms Tay Yian Ling

    Published date: 2017-08-18

    Habit of Mind: Creating, Imaging, Innovating – Drones “The intent of the drone show in National Day Parade (NDP) 2017 is to inspire Singaporeans to think about the immense opportunities the future brings” said Colonel Tan Tiong Keat, chairman of the NDP 2017 Show. With just a click of a mouse, 300 drones up in […]

  • Take 5 : 14th August 2017 by Mr Tan Yong Huat

    Published date: 2017-08-14

    Good morning Mdm Tan, Mr Chung, Mr Lee, teachers and fellow students. For those Sec 4 normal students taking design and technology as their elective subject, yesterday the deadline for them to submit their DT coursework. The duration of this coursework is around seven months whereby the students are required to identify a problem situation […]

  • High 5: 4th August 2017 by Mrs Tan

    Published date: 2017-08-04

    Good morning Mdm Tan, Mr Lee, Mr Chung, teachers and all Gessians, it is my pleasure to share with you High 5 today. Our focus will be on one of the Habits of mind: Creating, Imagining and innovating. Creating, imagining and innovating are a part of the daily lives of most people. Changing a recipe […]

  • Learning Journey to URA

    Published date: 2017-08-03

    All places for URA LJ have been taken up. Thank You.

  • High 5: 28 July 2017 by Ms Lee Pei Ying

    Published date: 2017-07-28

    Good morning School Leaders, colleagues and Gessians. Today I would to share about one of the recent craze in Singapore, the Macdonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger. When I first heard about this new creation, the initial thoughts that came to me were, “Oh my, who on Earth would come up with such a thing?”, “Are we […]

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