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  • Take 5: 24th July 2017 by Mr Tan Yong Gang

    Published date: 2017-07-24

    Good morning Mdm Tan, Mr Lee, Mr Chung, Colleagues and all Gessians. For today’s take 5, I would like to share with all of you a story about a fat boy and his journey on how he turned away from temptations, stuck to a discipline he found and how it benefited him – he became […]

  • Take 5: 18 July 2017 by Ms Foo Lee Wee

    Published date: 2017-07-18

    Good morning Mdm Tan, Mr Lee, Mr Chung, Teachers and Gessians, Have you heard of this nursery rhyme ‘Five Little Ducks’? Some of you might have especially those with young toddlers or children? It goes something like this: Five little ducks Went out one day Over the hill and far away Mother duck said “Quack, […]

  • High 5: 14th July 2017 by Mdm Foo Lee Lian

    Published date: 2017-07-14

    Habits of the Mind: Gathering Data through all Senses – Current Affairs Do you know that Singapore, a country, is smaller than most cities in the world like Shanghai and Tokyo?  Foreigners are always impressed with our economic development and how Singapore, without any natural resources can succeed economically and be one of the richest […]

  • Announcement for Term 3 Day 1

    Published date: 2017-06-23

    Please login to your AskNLearn account and check the updated timetable for Semester 2.

  • 2017 June – CCA Training Schedule

    Published date: 2017-05-25

  • Take 5: 22 May 2017 by Mrs Thang

    Published date: 2017-05-22

    Good morning, Gessians. Before we start today’s Take 5, let’s take a listen to a short piece that I’m about to play. Pay attention to the percussive part. Also, see if you can identify the motif within the song. It’s a tune which most of us are familiar with. Play Fusion (Chan Mali Chan) ft. […]

  • High 5: 12th May 2017 by Mrs Palan

    Published date: 2017-05-12

    Small Steps to Success Good Morning Mdm Tan, Mr Lee, Mr Chung, fellow teachers and Gessians, my Hi Five will be on small steps to success. Today is the last day of semester 1 exams. All of you will be eagerly waiting for your results soon. Some may think that, success comes instantly to others. […]

  • 2017 Direct School Admission (DSA-Sec) Exercise

    Published date: 2017-05-08

    Dear Primary 6 students, To find out more information about Gan Eng Seng School 2017 DSA – Sec Exercise, please click on the link below: GESS – DSA Thank you.

  • High 5: 5th May 2017 by Mr Paul Lee

    Published date: 2017-05-05

    Good morning School Leaders, colleagues and all Gessians. Right now, I believe all Gessians are very focused on preparing for the exams, especially trying to memorise as many key points as possible, so that these key points can be used to answer most of the questions. Today, I would like to ask you to compare […]

  • High 5: 28 April 2017 by Mrs Rajah

    Published date: 2017-04-28

    Story from the old days: One bright, sunny morning, a large group of young boys gathered by the woodland with their bows and arrows. On this day Shifu, the master of all teachers, organized a competition to test their concentration. Across a stream, Shifu set up a small wooden bird in a tree. Upon returning […]

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